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By Madeleine Glick, Dec 18 2012 02:01AM

I just found some apricots at the grocery store this week and can’t wait to bite into my first fresh apricot of the season. Here are some nutrition facts about apricots: they contain only 17 calories per apricot, 1 gm of fiber, 3.7 grams of sugar and Vitamins A & C. Loaded with the anti oxidants alpha and beta carotene, as well as lycopene, apricots are beneficial for your heart and your eyes, and your skin. Eat an apricot or two a day to help you fight fat and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This high fiber, low sugar fruit is a great choice for diabetics who are watching their carbs. Buy them as ripe as possible since they are more flavorful when they are slightly soft and yellow and orange-colored. The growing season for apricots is short so try some today!a

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